Welcome from Lewis Code
Course Co-Director, AP/SOSC 1731
email: lcode@yorku.ca


I would like to begin by welcoming you all to CyberCities, 2014-15 edition. This course will be unlike the majority of courses that you will enroll in at York University. CyberCities was the first course in the Faculty of Arts (now the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies) to be offered as a full-Internet course. As you know, this course is delivered entirely on the Internet –– lectures, tutorials and assignments –– and is designed to run without regular face-to-face meetings. While we never meet face-to-face, do not be afraid to stop us to say hello if you see us on campus or to drop by our offices if you are in the neighbourhood.

What is AP/SOSC 1731 9.0 CyberCities?

CyberCities is a course about the relationship between technology, on the one hand, and the form and function of cities and urban life, on the other. The course stresses both the historical and contemporary context of the interrelationships between technology and urban places. The course is not just about the future. In fact, only a small portion of the course addresses that topic explicitly. This course is an examination of how urban places, the urban population and the activities that take place in urban centres have changed over time and the role that technology has played in such processes.

CyberCities is a first year Foundation course offered through the Department of Social Science in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies. Foundation courses are designed to help you in your transition from high school life to university life. Our mandate is to teach you the critical skills that you will need to be successful at York University and in your chosen career. If you are a senior student taking this course, you may find that you are already acquainted with many of the critical skills that we will be addressing throughout the course ––ß but it never hurts to brush up on the basics.



CyberCities is a partnership between yourself, the Course Directors and your Teaching Assistant (TA). I know that all of the members of the Teaching Team are keen to make CyberCities a positive and rewarding experience for you. It is up to you to keep up your end of the partnership. You have to be committed to be an active participant in the course.

Let us talk now a little bit about the course structure.